Monday, May 25

That's when I... and It's a secret.

Wake me up if this just a dream…

A simple day a simple morning, 
Shall it be such a magical moment? 
The event that unforgettable, 
Destiny playing its role on me; 
The moment created just for me, 
That is when I met you.

Never realized there is someone like you exist, 
Never tried to imagine; 
I’m shocked in the middle of noisy crowd; 
It so calm, so short, make it so cruel, 
That is when my eyes staring at yours.

All about you only you since, 
Anywhere Just looking for you; 
The smile poisonous unstoppable, 
You ripped my heart never give it back; 
When I even failed to closed my eyes in the middle of lonely night, 
That’s when I miss you.

The sacred word so precious, 
Keep it untouched deep inside; 
I want you so badly letting you know so scary, 
It’s too obvious in me; 
I am what I am, pretend it seem not like it, 
That is when I love you.

It’s a secret…
(The secret is broken when this telling you…) 

harizal legend

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love is the source of unity

love is the source of unity