Monday, May 11

Till the day I’m with you

Till the day I’m with you, 
I’ll keep searching and waiting; 
Wondering all alone, 
Looking at the time; 
It’s there but moving.

How cruel for you to left me alone, 
Or how cruel for me to left you alone; 
How bored I felt to be with only myself, 
Or how bored you felt to be with only yourself; 
How could this be easier? 

I tried to see how the future really is, 
But forecast is not like what it is; 
And now I could barely think what it is, 
You and how you really is; 
How could I tell you this? 

I’m walking in the middle of unknown road, 
In the middle of unknown place; 
In the darkness of cold night, 
In the fog of unseen; 
But still I could see something clearly.

Still I could see something clearly, 
It’s how I feel really; 
And how it should be, 
I knew I’ll love you; 
Till the day I'm with you.


harizal legend

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love is the source of unity

love is the source of unity