Monday, June 8

Once Again

Moonlight in the dark, 
Calm in the air, 
Cool wind blowing, 
The stars are winking.

It’s spring in my heart, 
Sometimes it’s summer, 
May it be winter? 
Autumn is delayed.

Rose is red, 
Or orchid in purple, 
The bee is flying, 
Nor it’s singing.

The ocean so wide, 
The color azure, 
It’s green at shallow, 
It’s darker at dept.

Sand white so pure, 
The shadow of coconuts tree, 
Rhythm of the wave, 
Strong winds toward land.

An island lonely, 
Or happy surround by sea, 
The eagle sky high, 
The dolphin dive deep.

The cloud heavy, 
It’s raining, 
Where am I, 
Once again…thinking of you


harizal legend

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love is the source of unity

love is the source of unity